Project Info

Project Name
McLaren Artura
Created by
Southern Exposure
Autotrader | McLaren
Mojave Desert | Las Vegas, NV
Completion Date
January 4, 2022
Project Type
Videography & Photography
Project Length
1 Week
Skills Used
Photography, Video, Editing
Project Manager
Nicholas Jude McElroy

 McLaren Artura 

The first ever high performance hybrid supercar from McLaren filmed and photographed in Las Vegas and The Mojave Desert.

2023 McLaren Artura in Belize Blue

2023 McLaren Artura | Autotrader

Experiencing the 2023 McLaren Artura in Nevada is a thrilling event for car enthusiasts. This new hybrid supercar, tested on the streets of Nevada and the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, offers a unique and exciting driving adventure.

The McLaren Artura represents the company's first series production hybrid supercar. While not McLaren's initial hybrid project, with notable predecessors like the P1 and Speedtail from their exclusive “Ultimate Series,” the Artura stands out with its broader production scope.

At the heart of the Artura is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine paired with an electric motor, offering an invigorating driving experience. As a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), the Artura can also run solely on electric power, providing a range of up to 11 miles. The charging process is efficient, requiring only 2.5 hours to reach 80% battery capacity using a standard charger.

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About McLaren

McLaren is a British automotive company that specializes in manufacturing high-performance sports cars and luxury vehicles. The company was founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren, a New Zealand racing driver, and designer. The Artura is their first high performance hybrid supercar.

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