Project Info

Project Name
Steady Hand Beer Co.
Created by
Southern Exposure
Steady Hand Beer Co.
Atlanta, GA
Completion Date
November 28, 2020
Project Type
Product Photography
Project Length
1 Week
Skills Used
Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop
Project Manager
Nicholas Jude McElroy

 Steady Hand Beer Co. 

A fun and tasty photo shoot for a local holiday craft brew at Atlanta's own, Steady Hand Beer Co.

Steady Hand Beer Co. Foaming Pint Glass

A Heady Photoshoot in Atlanta, GA

Steady Hand Beer Co., nestled in the heart of Atlanta, GA, is a bastion of craft brewing creativity known for their vibrant and flavorful concoctions. Although I'm unable to access real-time information or current awards they may have won, establishments like Steady Hand are often recognized in brewing competitions and festivals for their unique and high-quality beers. They infuse their brews with a spirit of innovation, which is something I aimed to capture in the photos.

The photographic session for Steady Hand's "Last Minute Gift Idea" and "Baratza" brews was a dance with natural light that streamed through the high ceilings and the open bay doors of the brewery. This setting provided a soft yet sufficiently bright lighting environment that accentuated the vivid colors and playful design of the beer cans, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The "Last Minute Gift Idea," with its festive and holiday-themed label, was positioned against a backdrop of twinkling lights, invoking the spirit of the season. On the other hand, "Baratza," with its bold and colorful patterns, popped against the industrial textures of the brewhouse.

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A Word from the photographer

My Canon 5D Mark iii paired with the Sigma Art 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, allowed me to capture sharp details and the true essence of each beer, emphasizing the frothy head of the poured beer and the sheen of the cans. The shoot was not just about the products but also about telling the story of the brewery's atmosphere and the craft behind each brew.

- Nicholas Jude